Gemma Lee Farrell Spills Her Playboy Bunny Fitness Tricks


Gemma Lee Farrell is a Playboy bunny, health guru, and bad-ass bitch with a rockin’ bod and the confidence to show it off. We had a feeling Gemma had some amazing workout tips and health knowledge to share with our Galore Girls, so we couldn’t resist hitting her up for some advice! In our interview, she reveals her beauty secrets, confidence tips, and most importantly, the best place to buy workout wear (spoiler, the answer shocked us)! Read it all, below.


What is Skinny Bunny Tea? Does it really work?

I don’t promote anything I don’t take personally. Since starting on Skinny Bunny Tea I’ve noticed a dramatic change in my weight, bloating and skin. It makes me feel good on the inside as well as the out.

Other than drinking the tea, what’s your day to day work out regime like?

I try do do a little bit of exercise every day, but it doesn’t always work out that way haha! I do Pilates 3 times a week and have a trainer twice a week. I’ve been on a massive vacation, so my body isn’t exactly where I want it right now. When training I only focus on my booty and waist, my arms are naturally tiny.

Your workout wear game is so strong. Where do you go for the best sports bras and leggings?

NO SHIT… Forever 21 hands down 🙂 Me and all the girls shop there, cheap and cute and the gear is so durable. Go online NOW. You’ll thank me.

Fave quick but healthy snack?

I live on Lean Meals, you probably see me post about them every now and then. They have amazing healthy chicken salads for snacks. I specifically ask for low carb high protein meals since I’m trying to get a fat ass :p

How do you keep your skin on point?

Thats my Number One! I like to go out a lot, so it kind of screws up my regime EEK. But getting a facial once a month should be on everyones list. Also lemons! I drink lemon water all day. Lemon fixes everything, same with water.

Tips for getting a great tan without sacrificing healthy skin?

I just spoke to my doctor about this: I’m wearing sunblock every day for the rest of my life 🙂 Sun makes you look so old, YUCK. I spray tan all the time with organic solution. It’s annoying but it’s better than burning your beautiful skin off.

Confidence tips for girls who might be considering posing nude?

Work out where you want to go in your life. For me I think a woman’s body is so beautiful and as a model I’m here to show my body in all forms (just keep it classy ). Playboy is an iconic magazine and one of my proudest achievements.

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