Pins Share Their Ultimate Girl Power Playlist

You may remember Pins as our major girl crushes/must-see band at CMJ Music Marathon; now the badass babes from Manchester are killing it with their newest record, Wild Nights. Their kickass friendship partnered with the girl power rumblings on Wild Nights, and previous anthem “Girls Like Us”, give us some much needed inspiration. We took a page from Faith, Anna, Lois, Sophie and Kyoko’s book on girl power with a playlist featuring the queens who paved the way for our new faves, Pins.

Pins, Elvis Guesthouse, Galore, Photo Credit, Shannon Kurlander
[Photos by: Shannon Kurlander]

1. Seneca Falls – The Distillers
“Seneca Falls was the site of the first ever womens rights convention (1848).”

2. Rebel Girl – Bikini Kill
“A love song to your best friend, to being a woman and not giving a shit what people think of you.”

3. Helen Reddy – I am a woman
“The original Girl Power song. It ‘I am woman, hear me roar in numbers too big to ignore.'”

4. Hinds – Bamboo
“Not a hint of of an ego, pure garage rock at it’s finest, full of teenage nostalgia also the video is adorable.”

Pins, Elvis Guesthouse, Galore, Photo Credit, Shannon Kurlander

5. Hole – Pretty on the inside
“Hole taught us how to scream! All of their songs are great but this one is particularly aggressive, it’s dark! Long live Courtney Love.”

6. Honeyblood – Super Rat
“These ladies got a whole lot heavier last time we saw them, they had a full moshpit going on. This song is great for when you’re having boy trouble, turn it up loud and feel good about yourself.”

7. Sleater Kinney – A New Wave
“Some of us were fans first time round so this time it was a pleasure to share the stage with Sleater Kinney on their European tour! Their fan base is incredible ad full of energy. It was also the first time for PINS playing live with Kyoko on keys.”

Pins, Elvis Guesthouse, Galore, Photo Credit, Shannon Kurlander

8. Beverly – Honey Do
“We first met Drew Citron who fronts Beverly when she was playing with Frankie Rose (who we supported in Manchester). These ladies are firm favorites all round and we can’t wait for Beverly to join us on our east coast tour in the USA next month.”

9. Skating Polly – Your Honor
“How can anyone be that cool AND on tour with Babes in Toyland at age 15?”

Pins, Elvis Guesthouse, Galore, Photo Credit, Shannon Kurlander

10. Peaches – Boys Wanna Be Her
“Peaches is such a badass, and this song is great for getting us hyped up before we go on stage and making us feel invincible.”

11. Quaaludes – Know Wada Mean
‘We played with these girls in San Francisco last year and they were really wild. The lead singer Aimee was writhing around everywhere and it was great, plus they were super nice people. They support their local music scene and are the epitome of girl power.”

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