How To Maintain Fleeky Brows When You Dye Your Hair

Dyeing your hair can be a huge commitment. It means you have to buy new shampoo & conditioner and you have to give extra TLC to your strands to make sure they don’t get damaged.

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But after all that shit is taken care of and you’re ready to hit the town in your new bleached blonde — or bright purple — do, you might be wondering: what color do you use to draw in your brows?

Well, according to Tonya Cooks, a.k.a The Brow Gal, you should match your eyebrow pencil to your roots.

“The tones around your face need to be in harmony with the color used on the eyebrows,” she explained to Allure.  “Otherwise, there will be way too much going on and the result won’t be natural.”

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This will prevent your brows from looking fake or drawn on, and keep them looking fleeky.

So, if you dye your hair platinum but your roots are still a medium brown, stick with a brown eye pencil instead of trying to match it to your new locks. It’ll look way more natural and you’ll continue to slay!

H/T: Allure

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