This Blog Catches Celebs Who Photoshop Their Instagrams

From that Instagram-whore from your high school, to Queen B herself, apparently editing your Instagram photos is the new black (and by editing we don’t mean adding a filter). We understand that photoshop is still heavily utilized in magazines, ads, etc, but shouldn’t we be pushing against that instead of bringing it into our daily lives?


While I can somewhat understand celebrities feeling like they have to photoshop their photos to maintain their “perfect” image that is always under such harsh criticism, I can’t understand why girls I know who look great naturally feel the need to “edit” their waist lines or “tune” their faces. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good angled photo of myself that makes my ass look great, but I’m not willing to go so far as to download some app to fake it.

And if your friends are seeing how good you look on Instagram, do you really want to be a let down in person? I’d much rather “wow” in real life than on someone’s cell phone screen… but that’s just me.


Regardless, if you want to get your fix of instagram-fakers to laugh at, check out the account @wephotoshoppedwhat (a play on @weworewhat, who they seem to call out quite a lot). The account even takes submissions, if you really feel like putting someone in their place..

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