Photographer /Model Interview- CHRIS HEADS


Fashion photographer Chris Heads gets a sexy q&a  with model Emily Ratajkwoski






E.what particularlarly fascinates u about Hollywood?

C.Middle aged women with large breasts wandering the streets of Beverley Hills that why u moved Beverley hills?

C.yeh I specifically asked my estate agent to find the nearest area frequented by them is this your favourite city?


E.what is your favourite?

C.dunno maybe to look at Paris…but dunno I like moving.i think one place gets a bit dull that what u felt with Milan? I always knew Milan was boring but I was with my girlfriend so got locked into a little bubble.didn’t really do much…..go for coffee and dinner and park…..its not the most exciting city in the world u think the internet has impacted fashion in a positive way? How do u feel about that?

C.i love the way u are pulling your trousers down.making me lose my train of thought.ask me that again…..cos im like wot?

E.same question

C.yeh cos u don’t have to shoot things u had to shoot in the old days,u had to shoot certain mags… hasn’t really come full circle yet…..but people are getting big through their blogs and stuff,most younger art directors for major brands come cos they have seen ur blog..its never cos u shot a certain magazine anymore do u feel like its not even necessary to have printed work anymore?

C.i think the spin off afterwards from certain mags is good…..u get a certain level of appreciation,,but when it goes viral that’s when it flies your obsessed with things going viral? the moment im into viral

E.and what exactly like fascinates u? cant lie about it,if I shoot for a brand and the art director says its been a huge success cos been in vogue and billboards etc theres no real proof of what the clients are told,if I do a viral of u and tell u it’s a major success and you go on utube and see its got 3 views u can call me a f***ing liar

E.that’s a real democracy?

C.its hardcore advertising.animals falling down toilets,sex and humour ha u think theirs so much that people sift thru the bullshit and get to the good stuff? gets to peoples lowest common denominator,what they really want or the same time its truthfull it really exposes what people like.if ur doing advertising,the core is something that appeals to them,but its very sketchy and small,its not doing much for art put it that way,but you could say that about a lot of culture……peope say cultures eroded but if I open 2 cinemas and put romeo and Juliet on one and titanic on the other….everyone goes titanic… there is a choice…..more choice than ever….the people who are selling don’t give a shit what they are selling,thed sell proust if it sold…they don’t care if its proust or strippers……so the only erosion is how and why people choose mass appeal doesn’t mean quality?

C.if u let people choose for them selves they don’t choose high…..because u have to be lead to that,maybe that’s where theres an argument about having a president whos also there to guide people,maybe obama is doing that,u should be paying for healthcare,you should be doing this you should be a nice person,if u argue people should be free to make choices without guidance then maybe sometimes we just become animals how does the internet help guide people?

C.well it usually guides u to chatrooms,,,then u get about 25 pop ups…..i think I was looking at u last nite ahhh

E.oh my god

C.and then my computer crashed down

E.Holy u do that ? with the internet?

C.ha no what do u get inspiration from?

C.i never look at photographs,paintings possibly sometimes,anything,everything

E.and move to Beverley hills,just as inspiring as that can possibly get,everybodys been warning u that you will tire out right?

C.its always good to look at something you don’t know,the more familiar a culture is the less attractive it can become,I like to look at it not in wonderment,but without understanding it from their point of view its almost the opposite of the internet,u should look or u might get the wrong ideas about cities

C.say that again ,u just pulled your trousers down while we shooting,see how easy it is to throw me that’s whats inspiring u? a quick tug on the trousers and

C.yeh my whole brain goes to jelly u think its good to shoot when u a little bit fuzzy and not thinking too hard?

C.seems to be,I don’t wanna think that but its proved to be that way,but I hope it doesn’t mean I have to be wrecked everytime I shoot how about the maps u were telling me about that u used to make on ur walls out of photographs

C.they wernt maps…they were like ways to get places ha.they were just random…actually that’s a lie cos as soon as u start doing it it becomes a pattern anyway much space did it take up?

C.the whole room

E.which room of ur house?

C.the main room where I live .my front room

E.i bet your girlfriend loved that

C.she went into the became my kind of brain

E.were they ur photographs?

C.yes.but only cos I was proofing stuff.i just thrown it all away recently,but maybe im doing 30 or 40 a week for mags or stuff…and then it becomes a pattern

E.u didn’t keep any? U don’t believe in the beauty of the print? im not really a fan of the old,it doesn’t make me happy to be sentimental u think humour and sex relate? is funny no?


C.if ur doing it the right way

Eso fashion pics should be the same way?

C.Newton said a fashion pic should never look like a fashion pic..i would agree with him on look at some girls book where a local milano or la photog has made her do worst pose and u think what book did they get that not quite sure its sexy to have ur arm over ur head…unless maybe ur a monkey ..its not really hot is it

E.what do u look for in models u book?and decide to use?

C.they have to be hot ha

E.that’s it?

C.yeh ha……dunno u have to relate to them in someway

E.through their images? I cant book anyone from a book.the clients do sometimes and can be a disaster…if I think a girls cool I just hook off a couple personal pics from her facebook and show client and they go “oh wow shes so f***ing cool”maybe she sat nite with her boyfriend or drunk or whatever,but people buy into that they think its cool,u have to like them in that way it ends up being personal

Cyeh totally personal,100 per cent personal

E.thought u didn’t want images that make u sentimental?

C.but I can get more personal from a stranger, a lot photogs claim credit for that like they understand women,but women throw out something personal when u meet them,that’s often how they don’t do that,men never tell u about a relationship or whats going on,I get girls I just meet telling very f***ing personal things and they do same when they giving u a picture and then maybe u find something attractive about it it because they r so open u find attractive?

C.well ur only attracted to people who do this maybe,its like showing a vuneribility.

The girl who gives me the ugliest face for a pic I know doesn’t give a shit to look pretty and she trusts me to look after her… not saying im super nice and look after people ,but im already shooting someone I like,so if we shooting something very sexy,its normally me who tones it down on the edit.the girls like why didn’t u use that? Ha.the people who like my photos the most are normally women

E.and men find it sexy

C.i think people think they’ve seen more in my work than u have actually seen…u might see a pair of tits  but im not into shock value doesn’t interest me why they assign that? That’s the energy of your photographs? shots get labelled “young/cool /fashion on my stuff u like fashion?

C.yeh I love fashion……especially ur tracksuit.its hott

E.whats future projects?

C.finishing shooting you…hows the shoot going?






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