Photographer Insider: Purienne Shares His Photos & Passions

We quite naturally are Purienne fanatics, best known his self-titled book, a collection of summer holiday snapshots and portraits. He photographs some of the hottest babes, and photographs them flawlessly. But what sets his work apart is not just the attractiveness of the subject but the other elements too: locations, lighting, composition etc that is impeccably executed. He chatted to us about his home South Africa, babes, inspirations & his magazine Mirage.


How did you get your start in photography?
I took photos of my girlfriend at home and on holiday.. She was hot. And often half naked.

How was life growing up in South Africa?
It was awesome. There was no pressure to be cool. We were so removed from ‘the real world’

Top 6 spots to see when you travel to South Africa?
I don’t know man. I live between Llundudno beach, Signal Hill and Kloof street in Cape Town.

What models are you really into at the moment?
I’m only into models I actually like beyond looks. So I would need to meet them to know if I’m into them.


You have shot some of the hottest babes around what kind of girls do you like to date?
Nonchalantly clever, silly and cool girls. So yeah, basically hot babes.

What is your inspiration?
The human condition. And I guess dreams.

Why did you start Mirage Magazine?
I needed an outlet for my more superficial interests.


You’ve shot some of the coolest American Apparel ads out there, what is your favourite all-time american apparel item?
The ‘heart shaped panty’ in nude.

What song do you play on every shoot?
The sound of silence.

You have a book out now in Urban Outfitters how did that come about?
A publisher at Randomhouse/Prestel called me up and was all like ‘hey do you wanna do a book’ and I was all like, ‘ok’. I have a new book out with them early 2015.

What 4 Instagrams are you into at the moment?
Wait let me check who is not following me back..

Something about space and time.

What are your summer plans?
Setting up a tortoise conservancy in South Africa.








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