This 107-Year-Old’s Secret to Longevity Might Have Been Wine — Lots of Wine

Forget what the CDC just told you about drinking because it turns out wine may actually be the elixir of youth. 

Ladies, meet Antonio DoCampo Garcia.



He’s no Leo, but this is the face of a man who lived to be 107 years old. That’s right, 107. And unlike most really really old people, his secret to long life has nothing to do with exercise, meditation, soy-based foods or renouncing city life.

It just has to do with drinking wine — and lots of it.

According to Metro UK, the Spanish Vineyard owner chalked his longevity up to the fact that he drank four bottles of red wine every day (two at lunch and two at dinner, obviously) and never ever EVER drank water.

Obviously, what they aren’t telling you is that Antonio DoCampo Garcia is actually a magical creature (or at least the recipient of a bionic liver), because that sounds like a nightmare dressed like a daydream.


While you may be tempted to try the DoCampo diet at home, please be advised that the only wine that touched his lips was the organic, chemical-free wine that his company, Bodegas DoCampo, produced.

Also, you should probably be warned that all of your friends will think you have a serious drinking problem, and won’t give a sh*t that you read somewhere on the Internet that your four-bottle-a-day habit was the secret to living a long, happy life.

No one will believe you anyway.


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