The perfect weed pairings for your Thanksgiving feast

Remember when you were younger, and your older cousins or uncles would say they had to “step outside for a second” right before Thanksgiving dinner? Yeah? Well most likely they were smoking weed, trying to get high before dinner time.

We’ve all heard of the munchies. Well, science has proven they’re real. A study done by Giovanni Marsicano and a team of European neuroscientists at of the University of Bordeaux proved that THC (the main ingredient in weed) activates “special receptors in the brain’s olfactory bulb.” This allows smokers to smell and taste food better and more accurately while high. So no wonder stoners like to light up before the feast begins.

I know some of y’all out there would rather smoke a lil something something than drink, or at least take the edge off so you can deal with your racist uncle talking about how the confederate flag represents “Southern pride” or your aunt asking about your non-existent lover for the umpteeth time.

Now I’m not a weed connoisseur, but and I can definitely can help y’all find the best weed pairings for your food. Get your tastebuds ready for a explosion of flavor.

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If you are having: turkey or Tofurkey

Try Northern Lights or Granddaddy Purple

Both strains are apparently great for fueling hunger and “delivering a fusion of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation.” For Grandaddy Purple, your body is most likely to stay in one spot when you are feeling the effects (so you can eat as much turkey/tofurkey if you want without having to move.

While for Northern lights, it produces “comfortable laziness” and “its mellow contentment roots out depression and stress.” So say bye bye to those cringeworthy talks to racist Uncle Charlie!

If you are having: mashed potatoes

Try: Cactus or Puna Butter

Cactus is a Seattle FAVORITE. It won first place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2012 and it is a Indica cross strain between Afghani and Northern Lights. Its flavors are earthy, woody, and lemony so depending on how you make your mashed potatoes, this strain might elevate your tater game.

Puna Butter is a “hybrid of Hawaiian and Afghani landraces” strains. It has “tropical influences of Hawaiian genetics” (which basically means it’s sweet) and its nutty undertone will give you a flavor palate you haven’t ever dreamed of. This will definitely add a punch of flavor to your Great-Grandma Sally’s bland mashed potatoes.

If you are having: sweet potato pie or candied yams

Try: Pink Kush

Pink Kush is known for its “traces of a sweet vanilla and candy perfume.” This definitely goes well with your momma’s candied yams or sweet potato pie because of the sweet notes in this strain. Pink Kush is also known to induce hunger, so ask your mom ahead of time to bake at least 3-4 pies for Thanksgiving.

If you are having: cranberry sauce

Try: Cherry Kola, Very Berry Haze, or Sunshine Day Dream

Cherry Kola actually competed in the 2014 Cannabis Cup!! It apparently has a sweet tart taste which prepares you for some yummy cranberry sauce. Also the smell is very strong, so be careful and put on some perfume before cousin Timmy blows up your spot in front of the whole family.

Very Berry Haze’s berry flavors are crazy good. So this strain will blend perfectly with your cranberry sauce!

Sunshine Day Dream is your buttery berry daydream come alive!!! It is a descendent of the strain Bubba Kush which is a fan favorite. This strain relieves nausea, so you can scarf down your great auntie’s nasty green-bean casserole with no problem!

If you are having: baked mac and cheese

Try: The White or Cheese

Allegedly, The White is known “for a distinct lack of odor or flavor, leaving some to pass it over in favor of other more pungent varieties.” This is great cause now you can focus on your Grandmama’s baked mac and cheese flavors!

Or you can try out Cheese which, duh, is known for its cheesy smell and flavor. Combine this with a mac and cheese dish, and you will be in cheesy heaven the whole night.

If you are having: stuffing

Try: Royal Highness or African

African is a spicy/herbal strand with a lemony aftertaste, which can be good depending on how you make your stuffing. However, it has a very strong smell so make sure you put on cologne after you’re done so your grandma wont side-eye you from across the table

Royal Highness is one of those strains that will make you clearheaded and focused. Its “smooth flavors bring to mind sweet fruit and skunky spice.”  This strain is a favorite among the weed community, and it might end up becoming a favorite of yours as well.

If you are having: rolls

Try: Popcorn Kush

According to user DroScope360, “It smells just like popcorn! I love how soft and fluffy it is just like popcorn!”

This strain will definitely remind you of buttery movie theatre popcorn. Mix that with warm, buttery rolls and you got yourself an explosion of buttery goodness. You butter believe it!

If you are having: pumpkin pie

Try: LA Chocolat or The OX

LA Chocolat is exactly how it sounds: chocolatey and sweet. It is known for its “sweet, earthy aroma of chocolate and coffee. Its soothing physical effects sink through the body, keeping you relaxed while kindling the appetite.” More pie for you!

The Ox is known for its delicious mixture of coffee and berries which definitely goes great with pumpkin pie. Its main claim to fame is its potency and how calm this strain can make you feel.

If you are having: gravy

Try: Cornbread

According to user Alexm11, “Cornbread was the first strain i ever tried from the reef the nugs look beautiful and they built a lot of kief in my grinder. definitely very relaxing, great taste, and smell cornbread is definitely one of my favorite Indicas :)”

Cornbread and gravy to wash down the cottonmouth, what more can you ask for?

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