Perfect Old School Glamour With Model Molly Morrison’s Retro Makeup

New model Molly Morrison is the definition of old school glamour. She’s a modern day Marilyn Monroe, and although we don’t like to use the word “bombshell” too freely, that’s exactly what she is. Her retro look refreshes a classic pout and cat eye. It’s perfect: not too overwhelming, but will have you looking like a classic Hollywood starlet in no time.

1. Hair: Heat up that curling iron and grab some bobby pins. Pin the top layer of your hair into a poof and curl the tendrils that float down around your face. This wand by Hot Shot Tools gives you perfectly natural looking tousled curls.

2. Skin: Prep by covering your red spots with your favorite matte concealer, but don’t overdo it by caking on foundation. We like this one by Dolce & Gabanna. Accentuate your cheekbones and enhance your glow with a simple golden blush by Bare Minerals.

3. Eyes: It’s time to break out the smokey cat eye. Instead of liquid liner, try gel. Layer it on super thick. It’s a one-stop method (no need to layer on 3 different eyeshadows) and darkens those peepers. Don’t forget to brush your heaviest black mascara onto your lashes.

4. Brows: Keep em simple with powder, not pencil, and a clear get to hold them in place. Our favorite is smudge proof and gives medium coverage so your brows don’t take the attention away from your overall look.

5. Lips: The vital moment. Prep them for your lipstick by using a plumper, like this one from ELF. Line them with either nude lip liner or one that perfectly matches your lipstick. For this look, try a matte lipstick, but don’t forget to color-coordinate with your outfit (or swimsuit!): LimeCrime offers nearly every shade you could ask for.

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