Perez Hilton Stirs Already Disastrous Miss Universe Pot

This morning on Good Morning America, famed gossip columnist and Miss Universe Judge Perez Hilton, threw shade on Miss Columbia and Miss Universe Host Steve Harvey. As if either of these two needed anymore hate this week. In a remote interview on the morning talk show, Perez articulated his confusion when Miss Columbia was named Miss Universe, as he knew how he and the other judges voted. He let loose on Steve Harvey as well, saying that Steve had missed rehearsals and was out “drinking” and “gambling”. Of the blunder, he says, “he could have been tired and hungover”. These words come after Perez Hilton slammed Miss Colombia on his podcast this week, calling her a “diva bitch”, proving that Perez Hilton has no concept of irony. Watch Perez’s snide and sassy interview below.

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