Selena Gomez Gave Everyone a Heart Attack With a New Song on Insta

Selena Gomez just fooled everybody into thinking she was ready to show us what she’s been working on in the studio.

I should know — I was one of the fans who went to bed with visions of new Sele singles dancing round in my head.

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The confusion all centers around an incredibly dark and jumpy Instagram video Selena posted last night with a new song that sounded an awful lot like a Selena Gomez song with the caption, “When the people who changed your life create music @imjmicheals @tranterjustin I’m so happy for you guys — one of my favorite songs they have ever written.”

But as it turned out, it just sounded like a Selena Gomez song because it was written by two of her main songwriters, one of whom just released it as her debut single.

Which makes Selena a wonderfully supportive friend for posting about it on Instagram, although she could have added a disclaimer for all of us who aren’t so obsessed with Sele that we also know everything that’s going on with her songwriters.

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Next time, have mercy on our souls, girl.

Our hearts can’t handle this kind of disappointment again.

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