Men Are From Mars, And Women Aren’t Funny

Ever heard a guy—or a girl—talk about how girls aren’t funny? Over the years, I’ve learned to tone down my drunken feminist rants at parties after too many nights like this: picture me 5 margaritas deep, screaming/slurring: ‘Don’t you get it?! Hillary Clinton says women’s rights are human rights!’ at three boys in a New York City nightclub. However, at parties, I’m still hearing casual sexism in conversation pretty often, and I’m over it—stop saying women aren’t funny! And since I’ve just proved an unreliable source, take it from science: patriarchy (and Christopher Hitchens) is at blame for the notion that women aren’t funny. And for everything else bad in the world.


According to Psychology Today, “If humor is a sexually selected trait, and women look for it more than men as a signal for intelligence, we can expect that men will be better at producing humor since they are competing against other men for the attention of women. If men do not view women’s sense of humor as an important virtue and it doesn’t play an important role in their mate selection, women should not develop humor ability as much as men.” 

And they don’t see women’s sense of humor as an important virtue. In a study, researchers asked more than 80 men and women about how much importance they placed on having a partner who could make them laugh. The answers revealed that, “women like men make them laugh, while men want to go out with women who appreciate their humor”.

This means that women aren’t socialized to be funny. By the time girls are in elementary school, they’re taught that expressing themselves in certain ways isn’t appropriate behavior for girls.

A common conceit also says that many of the female comedians who’ve come out in recent years aren’t that funny. “One of the reasons why men don’t like female comedians may be that humor is seen as a masculine thing,” a psychologist of another study said. Not only does male humor impress men (and women) more, but women are seen as less feminine for even attempting to be funny.

Fran Lebowitz put it well—”The cultural values are male; for a woman to say a man is funny is the equivalent of a man saying that a woman is pretty. Also, humor is largely aggressive and pre-emptive, and what’s more male than that?”


This doesn’t only apply to female comedians, and again, it doesn’t mean that men are the only one’s who invalidate female humor. In boardroom situations, only 20 percent of  jokes made by female bosses in boardroom situations elicited laughter, while 90 percent of the same jokes by male bosses did—“And if you’ve ever heard your male boss tell a joke, you know this isn’t down to the fact that most CEOs should have gone into standup comedy.”

Take it from Tina Fey—”There is an actual difference between male and female comedy writers, and I’m going to reveal it now. The men urinate in cups. And sometimes jars….not all the men at “S.N.L.” whizzed in cups. But four or five out of twenty did, so the men have to own that one. Anytime there’s a bad female standup somewhere, some idiot Interblogger will deduce that “women aren’t funny.” Using that same math, I can deduce that all male comedy writers piss in cups.”

Basically, if one female comedian isn’t funny, it means that she’s an unfunny girl comedian—if a male comedian isn’t funny (Like fucking Daniel Tosh, anyone?), he’s got the privilege of being…not funny

Galore girls know what’s up. Charlotte Mckinney says:”I’m not interested in just being the hot girl,” she says.”I’m really funny. People are seriously always surprised about that, but it’s true. Just wait, you’ll see!” 

Just wait, patriarchy, you’ll see!

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