People Are Pissed Beyoncé Is Headlining Coachella

The famed music festival in the desert has just announced its 2017 lineup, but there’s someone on the list who’s causing a lot of rage: Beyoncé.

Coachella just dropped the lineup this morning, and already people are sounding off about their disappointment in Coachella organizers for giving into the mainstream.

Beyoncé’s participation should be good news. She is the first black woman to headline this festival. So why are people pissed? Let’s let them tell us via tweets. Here are just a few angry tweets out of many. What’s the argument?

Hmmm, oh wait, they don’t seem to have one, so let’s guess. At its conception, Coachella was originally a celebration of indie and not-quite-mainstream artists. Beyoncé, however, is undisputedly mainstream.

The other headliners of this year’s Coachella festival, Kendrick Lamar and Radiohead, could also be called mainstream, but they’re definitely not as popular as Queen Bey.

Still, the Beyoncé naysayers need to grow up. Basing your music taste on whether something’s indie or mainstream is soooo 2010. And anyway, Coachella hasn’t been purely indie in years.

Besides, even if Beyoncé’s just not your thing, there are plenty of other dope acts, including Lorde, Bon Iver, Father John Misty, BANKS, and Kehlani, just to name a few. So let’s all chill out, shall we?

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