This is what people are looking for when they cheat

When you get cheated on, it can be tempted to wonder what you did wrong.

In reality, it has nothing to do with you. It’s more about the other person being selfish and acting out on some shortcoming in their own lives, without thinking of the consequences this could have on you.

Ashley Madison, every cheater’s favorite website, polled its users to learn why they go out in search of affairs in the first place. And sex is only part of it.

“The reasons why people cheat are very telling of the types of relationships that people find themselves in,” Isabella Mise, Director of Communications for Ashley Madison, says. “When sex and intimacy fade, often times monogamy becomes a struggle for our members but they don’t want to leave their partner altogether. Infidelity is an avenue for them to have certain needs met and stay happy in their primary relationship.”

In our humble opinion, a lack of intimacy is no reason to go out and cheat on someone. You should, I don’t know, work it out with your partner first. But we digress. Here are the top five reasons why people try to cheat.

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1. Sex: 61%

People are horn-dogs, what can we say? Of course 61% of Ashley Madison users are looking for sex.

2. Exploring new desires: 45%

This is an explanation that makes a little more sense, especially if your partner doesn’t want to explore said new desires with you. But still, there’s no excuse for cheating.

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3. Affection: 44%

Aw, kind of sad. But why not go hug your mom instead?

4. Friendship: 42%

Ummm… there are way easier ways to make friends than putting your relationship/entire life as you know it in jeopardy.

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5. The feeling of butterflies again: 30%

How immature. You want butterflies? Go watch “Titanic”!

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