People Are ‘Literally Dying’ Today Because Britney Spears Writhed in a Bikini

Britney Spears just posted three black-and-white videos of her toned, tattooed frame writhing around in a tiny bikini, and her fans are now having a hard time getting out of bed because they’re literally dead

And now for the videos that are slaying everyone’s lives:

Here’s the question, though: are the videos really that great, or do they just prove that when it comes to Britney Spears our standards for what constitutes a win are pretty low?

Most of us can remember in 1998 when she was the teenage pop star who had the world on a plate. But we can also remember back to 2004 when she started dating Kevin Federline and going down a dicier path of drugs, child custody battles, shaved heads, and public shunning of underwear. 

Remembering exactly what Britney’s capable of is a double-edged sword, which is probably the best explanation for why any time Britney does something that’s not a fail, it’s automatically considered a win.

Show up to an awards show with rainbow hair? Win. Continue performing despite a wardrobe malfunction? Win. Prove she’s still capable of learning new choreography? Major win.

Maybe the takeaway is that we’re all just really rooting for Brit. Fingers crossed that her upcoming studio album is more 1998 than 2004. 

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