Twitter Is V Concerned About Kellyanne Conway’s Lack of Conditioner

Despite her impressive job title and close proximity to our nation’s executive order-happy president, Kellyanne Conway is just like most other conservative woman in the media.

Her blonder than blonde hair looks fried af — especially on high definition TV.

Granted Kellyanne Conway’s jam-packed schedule of caring for her four children, kissing Donald’s feet and publicly dissing yoga pants doesn’t leave her much time to pamper herself, but it doesn’t take a hair genius to notice Kellyanne Conway’s hair is thirstier than a wannabe Instagram influencer.

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And we’re not the only ones who noticed.

Twitter’s been having a low key field day about it for months.

But don’t worry Kellyanne.

Even though we find your politics repulsive, we wouldn’t wish bad hair on any woman.

So why don’t you check out this list of hair products my editor put together specifically so women whose hair looked a little more Kellyanne Conway than Gwen Stefani could get the help they need.

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Thank us by remembering you used to think Trump was unpresidential and not defend something that comes out of his mouth, kay?

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