Employees Are Pissed at This “Feminist” Startup

If you’ve ever read a press release, or an ad, or a party flier, from THINX — the period-proof underwear brand — you’d probably think to yourself, “sounds like a lit company to work for.”

Unfortunately, according to previous employees, the gung-ho, super feminist and fun attitude that they play up for the consumers might be a farce.

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A feature published in Racked earlier today goes in depth to the accusations that employees have made against the brand co-founded by Miki Agrawal, who has also served as CEO of the company.

From Racked:

“It honestly felt like a middle school environment: pitting people against each other, calling us petty children and [saying that we were] immature and that we’re all these millennials that don’t know anything — meanwhile we’re being paid easily $30,000 under industry standard salaries,” says one former employee. “It was truly like being in an abusive relationship. And I don’t use that analogy lightly… I don’t know if you’ve ever had the feeling when you walk into a place — whether it’s with your family or a job or a friendship circle — and you simply just don’t know how the other person is going to react. One day they could be in a super great mood and everything’s fine and dandy and you’re being praised left and right, or else you walk in and you’re treated like you’re dirt… That takes an emotional and physical toll on you. To wake up every day and not know how you’re going to be treated that day is really quite awful.”

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The employee complaints in conjunction with the stepping down of the founder sounds similar to another brand whose downfall we have watched recently — Nasty Gal.

But is a tyrannical boss to blame? Or is it simply start-up culture? Read the full feature on Racked and decide for yourself.

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