PennyBirdRabbit On Her Dream Collab

Gifted singer/songwriter PennyBirdRabbit talks new LP, her unique sound, and an epic history of collaborations.  While finding huge success with her last EP ‘For Love,’ she explores the complexities of new sounds and matching production with emotion. Read our interview below:


Photos & Interview By Angelo Kritikos

You recently released a new track called ‘SAID IT TO ME’ and we love the new sound! Does this mean you’re currently working on an EP / LP? 

I am! I’m really looking forward to this year, and putting this LP together (finally). After exploring so much of myself and my writing in the first few EP’s I feel really ready moving forward into a full length. I feel more prepared now that I have a few notches on my belt.

You came up in the electronic world but your last EP ‘For Love’ has moved away from that… How would you describe the new music you’re working on? Or describe the new sound?

It’s hard for me to describe my own music honestly. I really enjoy building new things, and the For Love EP was such a fun world to create. It’s such a terribly sad and emotional EP that’s totally masked by how pretty and fun the production is. Young & Sick did such a fantastic job in production. I think with my new content, I’m finally allowing the production to match the emotion. It feels more powerful that way.

Who are your musical influences? 

I’m really influenced by most everything. I was raised listening to such a variety of artists and genres. I loved musical theater and I think that really feeds into how theatrical my music can be. But it’s hard to say to someone that my musical influences span from (an obvious choice in) Bjork all the way to Alan Cumming in Cabaret to Postal Service to Styx. Haha.

Is there a favorite track on the LP that you’ve made thus far? 

I couldn’t even say. I’ve written so many options for this record, and still have more to write to get it as close to perfect as I can. But I will say that I’m really excited that ‘Said It To Me’ was the first song released. It’s such an important song to me and I’m glad that it was the first representation of me in this new year.

How did you decide to release ‘Said It To Me’ as the first single from your newest project? 

The Late Late Show opportunity presented itself pretty last minute, and thanks to my friend Sirah and her producer friend Gage, I was fortunate enough to have “Said It To Me” nearly finished being produced. There was another song as an option for the show, but it was so different. I wanted to put my best foot forward and I think that song was just perfect.

We love the acoustic performance you sang of it on The Late Late Show that debuted in January. How did the opportunity come about? 

It was around Thanksgiving and I was in San Diego with my family at the aquarium when I got a text from Drew saying that he was hosting the show in the new year and that he was going to try to have me on to perform. I didn’t want to get my hopes up- but the thought of it was so exciting. Right before Christmas we found out it was confirmed. Such an awesome Christmas surprise.

Did you encounter any challenges preparing for your first television debut? 

Totally. So many. One being that because we found out right before Christmas- there wasn’t a lot of time to prepare. I was traveling for the holidays, and then I got a bad cold. Everything was so last minute and rushed that we were so lucky to get the track ready to be released on time. But it was also my first time ever performing my own material like that. I’ve done shows with DJ’s I’ve done features with- but never my own material in that way.

Your past music collaborations have been with major artists such as Skrillex, 12th Planet, The M Machine- How important is it to you to collaborate with other artists?

I love collaborations. It’s so fun to be able to try new things and push yourself in ways you wouldn’t normally do. I think in that way it’s very important. I hope to keep collaborating like that.

Who are your dream collaborations?

As far as producers go, I would love to work with Zedd. That would be wild. He’s incredible.


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