Peach Kelli Pop Wants You To Let Your Freak Flag Fly

We have the hardest girl crush on Peach Kelli Pop and the feelings are just getting stronger. The pop-punk babes are releasing their third record via Burger Records next month and it’s the sweetest taste of jams ranging from imaginative tales about the wonderful world of Super Mario to our dear friend, Sailor Moon. Allie Hanlon gave us some inspiring words on supporting females in music, embracing weirdness and she answered a very serious question: “what’s your favorite emoji?”

Galore - Peach Kelli Pop - III

If you could live in any video game world, which world would you live in?
I would definitely live in Super Mario World for Super Nintendo. That’s my favorite game and that’s what I grew up playing. It inspires me a lot as you might notice…

What’s the best way to celebrate girl power and empower women in an male-dominated music world?
I think to represent as a girl: be confident in your music and abilities and surround yourself with people who also believe that women are just as capable of playing in awesome bands. I prefer playing with other girls because I think it’s important to represent girls playing different instruments and playing in a band and touring. Especially when I was younger, I was always really inspired when I saw other girls playing in bands. It very much made me realize that it was something that was possible. Otherwise, I may have never been in a band…It’s important to play with other girls and show the world it’s not such a crazy thing.

It seems like you have a tight-knit community of all-around badass babes in the LA music scene/Burger Records label like Slutever, Katy Goodman, Girlpool etc. Do you guys get the opportunity to play together often? Is there that sense of friendship?
I get really excited about the other girls playing in bands, not just because they’re girls but because they are playing awesome music I happen to love. It doesn’t matter that they’re girls but at the same time, as someone who grew up where there was 95% guys playing in bands, it’s definitely something I’m really happy about. I always try to find girls to play with me; I think they go better with Peach Kelli Pop than guys…it’s really not hard to find girls. I have a lot friends and people around me and they have friends so word of mouth makes it pretty easy. There’s a lot of great females in L.A. that play music and are going for it.

Tell me about your new song “Sailor Moon”? What other badass fictional female characters do you love?
I love the whole cast of that show and that’s why I was inspired to make a punk version of that theme song. My favorite was Sailor Jupiter because I guess she looked the most like me and she liked horses and I loved horses as a kid. I also love the Powerpuff Girls, I like Daria and Lisa Simpson.

Galore - Peach Kelli Pop - Sailor Jupiter

Who are your punk heroes?
Definitely The Ramones. I think they are the coolest band of all time. Another obvious one is Joan Jett. Those are the obvious one’s right off the bat but I also love Wendy O. Williams. She was totally crazy.

What were some of the other inspirations you pulled from to create your new record? I feel like you have the best imagination ever.
I was pretty loose with my ideas and inspirations when I was writing it. There was some personal situations but I was also just trying to write songs without thinking of it very hard. I think that’s when you can allow yourself to come up with something more interesting and less cliche. That’s how I wrote “Princess Castle 1987”. I wrote that song in five minutes and wrote the lyrics in like 30 seconds and it’s already one of my favorite songs now.

In general, it’s just really important to let things happen naturally and let your weirdness flow freely.

What are your favorite emojis?
Galore - Peach Kelli Pop - Emoji

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