Bombshell Model Paulina Shafir Gives Us Tips To Avoiding Trends

We interviewed bombshell Photogenics model, Paulina Shafir, about her personal style. See her talk about how she goes from class to castings and her distaste in trends below.


Photography By Natalia MantiniCloud Hunter Ginger Bodysuit

Describe your ideal day-to-night outfit.

I like to wear things that are comfortable but also classic. So jeans or black pants, basic or band tees, black boots, and a leather or denim jacket.

What is your go to outfit? How do you think about getting dressed?

I think about who I’m seeing and where I’m going. Unless I need to look extremely feminine, I tend to stay neutral with jeans and jackets. Maybe a cute dress and boots.

Modeling requires mass amounts of heels. What’s the comfiest pair you’ve ever owned?

My Guess heels have served me extremely well, at a dance or at a casting.

Which of your bags is your ride or die?

Honestly, my canvas backpack has been ride or die, too bad it’s annoying to take going out.

What’s your everyday jewelry look like?

I tend to not wear jewelry. I might put some studs in or wear a gold necklace. When I get older and less clumsy, I’ll definitely start rocking some gems.

You are one of the few who go to college AND model. If you’re going from school straight to castings, how do you quickly change for an appropriate look?

This is a great question because sometimes it really is difficult to plan out. I always carry a pair of heels with me and a tight black tank top. I try to wear my best jeans to class just in case I have to run out and hit a casting. I really try to multitask with what I wear. 

Biggest faux-pas trend that you wish never happened?

All I can think of is floral print pants. For some reason they just really annoy me. But I don’t pay attention too closely to what other people wear. Not to say it’s not important, just not one of the things I fixate on when it comes to this industry.

Biggest fashion icon?

Chanel, Chanel, Chanel.

Do you have any advice for the Galore girl who has yet to find her own personal style?

Don’t be afraid to wear different colors or fabrics even if it’s not in right now. For years, people have told me that my style is unique to me and that “only I could pull it off.” I think that’s great because everyone, I feel, wants to express their individualistic style and I think they should regardless of what a mannequin at Urban Outfitters or American Apparel is wearing.



Love Haus Stripe Illusion Bra & Panty




Photography: Natalia Mantini

Model: Paulina Shafir

Makeup: Brooke Hill – Nars

Hair: Darine SengseevongOribe

Styling: Amelian Kashiro Hamilton

Clothing: Cloud Hunter & Love Haus

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