Peep these rave-worthy fashions from the iconic Patricia Field

On the closing night of Miami’s annual Art Basel, Patricia Field put on her second “art fashion” runway show. However, she doesn’t want to call it a collection, because she thinks of it as a set of unique pieces.

Patricia Field was the mastermind behind the iconic looks of Sex and the City, and she even won an Emmy award for it. Each runway show of hers is set of unique pieces, so she prefers not to call it a collection.

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When she ran her shop years ago, it was mecca for designers, artists, and painters. Even though she decided to sell her shop a few years ago, people were still obsessing over her hand-painted pieces. That’s when the idea of an art fashion concept blossomed for her.

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Patricia represents a group of eight to ten artists. What started out for her as a fun hobby is now a legendary art fashion collective, bringing in artists from the past and present. By having tons of friends in the art world, its easy for her to collab with some of the industry’s greatest to design each specialized piece.

“It’s a blend of the 80’s kids with the now kids,” she said.

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This is her second year showing her work at the White Dot Gallery in Wynwood for Art Basel. She chooses to present her work in an art-centered space, rather then fashion week or a trade show, because she’s not in the manufacturing world of clothing. Patricia has taken her art fashion to art fairs all over the world, including Berlin, Italy, and Greece.

“It’s always the context of an exhibition. We do the runway, that’s the fashion side,” she said.
The fashion heads and creative kids were some of the first to quickly grab onto her work. But now Patricia says the art fashion movement is growing in popularity.

“People want to be original. There is too much mass production of clothing where everything is the same,” she said.

Patricia exclaims that she designs for the client, not the consumer. When someone snags a piece, they’re the only one that has it.

“My ideal client is someone with their own imagination, their own self confidence, who present themselves in the way the believe. You are wearing the clothes, they are not wearing you,” she said.

Outside of exhibits, you can catch her work at her various pop up shops. Her shop in Wynwood will be open through the end of December. For those of you in NYC, she will be opening up a pop up gallery in the LES on East Broadway next winter.

Peep the highlights of the die-worthy runway show here:

Photos: @worldredeye

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