Would You Curl Your Lashes With A Spoon?

Panamanian actress Patricia De Leon, as a PETA ambassador and makeup designer, sees it as her mission in life to bring organic goodies out of the Whole Foods produce department and into your makeup bag. “The food in your kitchen is natural and there is nothing better than using natural products on your skin.” She told me. That’s the philosophy behind Patricia’s line of all natural, cruelty-free lipsticks, which she designs for Anaiise. They are ultra long lasting and packed with more pigment than most lipsticks on the market today.

Wondering whether there’s a product in your kitchen that can be used as lipstick? Patricia advocates trying beet juice as a lipstain. Or, anything with honey, oatmeal or cucumber will be sure to let your skin shine.

After hearing this amazing new product replacement, we just had to ask Patricia what else she has up her sleeve, DIY beauty wise. Checkout her top 5 tips, and get ready to raid your kitchen!


“When I need to have that fresh look in the morning, I usually keep frozen tea bags handy to put under my eyes.  It helps to reduce the puffiness. You can also use cucumber slices to ease your eyelids.”

“For a good lip scrub, try brown sugar and honey.  Mix equal parts in a small bowl and massage your lips with that. Bonus, it’s edible and both ingredients are probably in your kitchen right now.”

“If you are afraid to use an eyelash curler, you can always go old school and curl them with a spoon.  Yes, you heard me right. You take the spoon and put it behind your lashes, then press in.  For faster results, you can always rub the spoon against a piece of fabric until it warms up a bit. It works like a curling iron!”

“You can help your skin have a more youthful appearance by taking daily doses of Vitamin C. It is amazing for your skin!  It can help reduce inflammation, help repair sun-damaged skin, promote collagen building, all while boosting your immune system.”

‘Take a moment to relax and apply a facial twice a month to detox your skin.  Go with a mask that matches your skin type.  There are 6 mask types to choose from – Clay, Thermal, Peel Off, Natural, Warm-Oil, and Natural.  Each has its benefits depending on your skin.  I recommend Aniise Natural Skin Care’s Restorative Botanical Masque as a good starting point for detoxing and declogging your pores.”

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