Sharing Is Caring: Why You Should Pass Old Lovers To Your Friends


We live in a society where hook-ups come as easy as free wi-fi, and as casual as sweatpants on a Sunday afternoon. If you go to a small school, live in a small town, or just hang out with the same group of (horny) individuals, it’s pretty likely you and a friend have become “eskimo sisters” (aka slept with the same guy).

However, in this rapidly free-loving society, there are also those people that seem to believe that they have power over every person they’ve had relations with. She f***ed him once in a bar bathroom on St. Patties Day? He’s automatically off limits to all of her sorority sisters. He took her out for a coffee and never called her back? He better not try the same shit with any of her girlfriends!

There are so many reasons why this logic is wrong. First off, put yourself in the opposite situation. How would you feel if one guy you made-out with Freshman year was telling all his hot friends that he has dibs on you? You’d be pissed. Or what if you’re irrevocably in love with some guy, but your girlfriend used to crush on him last semester (although the feelings were never reciprocated)?

To put it into simpler terms: you know how your dog pees on something when he wants to claim it as his? If you really think letting a guy bone you makes him yours, you’re no worse then your clueless little pooch.

We’re human beings, not pieces of property. And while I completely understand that your ex boyfriend of two years who you never really got over is off-limits to anyone who calls you their friend, the guy you f***ed as a re-bound shouldn’t be. Because for all you know, your re-bound could be your BFF’s next boyfriend. Besides, you could totally tell her how crazy it’ll makes him if she bites his earlobe, and you could both laugh together about how he farts in his sleep!

If girls could be more like guys in the way that they viewed their past flirtations, there would be a hell of a lot less catfights, backstabbing, and shit-talking. Why let boys get between you two when you could spend your time so much more valuably? Besides, you know you’ve been wanting to ask your friend how that star basketball player was in bed, because you totally want to try him for yourself.

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