How to Party Like Rihanna on Her Birthday

Cool Pisces Rihanna turns 29 today. Since she’s everyone’s favorite bad gal, RiRi knows how to party like no one else. So we’ve put together this handy guide for how to party like her.

Yes, we know it’s Monday, but what wouldn’t stop Rihanna so you shouldn’t let it stop you. Let’s raise a glass to the party queen.

1. Accessorize with a glass of wine.

When Rihanna doesn’t finish her wine, she takes it to go.

Entering and exiting the clurb with a healthy glass of wine is definitely a chic look, and it will definitely enhance your night. Just be careful — the difference between you and Rihanna is you’re way more likely to get a public drinking ticket.

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2. Wear sweats to the club.

Rihanna recently went clubbing, basically wearing a Juicy sweatsuit with a green python coat. Oh, and massively high stilettos. So next time you have a mental block when it comes to coming up with a going-out outfit, think of this.

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3. Protect your drink at all costs.

Last summer, every cool celebrity was posing on a pool swan during day ragers.

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift did it, Gigi and Zayn did it. It was summer 2016’s number-one “we’re famous, in love, and day-drinking” statement.

So what did Rihanna do? She hung out on a pool swan solo, and when it toppled over, she miraculously recovered and kept her wine from spilling. An the whole thing was caught on tape. It was an inspirational moment for party girls everywhere.

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4. Never be afraid to laugh at yourself.

Rihanna was nominated for seven Grammys this year for her album, “ANTI,” and its various singles.

How many Grammys did she win? Zero. She was robbed. And instead of plastering on a fake smile and politely clapping for the winners, Rihanna chugged from a flask in the crowd.

Of course, this quickly became a meme. And showing she was in on the joke, Rihanna posted said meme on her Instagram account:

A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Your fave would never.

5. Above all: give zero f*cks.

What we all love most about Rihanna is that she DGAF. She never seems to let anything get under her skin and she is nonchalant enough to make belted thigh-high boots a thing. Click here to continue your Rihanna DGAF education.

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