Celeb Worthy Hair Tips From Jeff Chastain

Jeff Chastain, the celebrity loved hairdresser with a fabulous salon in NYC, has decided to expand upon his business with a new product line! PARLOR by Jeff Chastain is a line of multitasking hair care and styling products that combine professional quality with everyday ease for fresh, no-fuss style. Sold exclusively through Birchbox, the line consists of consists of four unisex products: Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray, Smoothing Blow Out Spray, Detangling Leave-In Conditioner and Reworkable Hold Paste. We decided to get some celeb worthy hair tips from the main man himself. See our interview below!

What inspired you to start your own salon?

I’ve worked for large salons for years, including Gene Juarez Salons in Seattle, Frederic Fekkai in midtown Manhattan.. Although they were beautiful environments with incredibly talented people, I wanted to feel more intimate and personal with my clients. My clients love that I’m a bit hidden, especially if they are public figures. It’s private and makes people feel special. 

What’s your idea behind PARLOR by Jeff Chastain? When creating it, what did you wish to accomplish that many other hair products are unable to do?

My biggest struggle with hair products historically is trying to find a balance between getting the style you want while maintaining hair integrity. For example, I was constantly cocktailing products to give texture with one thing while keeping moisture with another. Why can’t I have it all in one?

What’s your favorite product from the collection?

That’s tough!! I guess I connect more with the products that were bigger challenges. The Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray is great because you get the look of just walking out of the ocean and letting your hair air dry but the satisfaction of still being able to touch it without feeling like you need to wash your hands. The added moisturizing elements keep the hair feeling healthy and touchable. I’ve had such amazing feedback on this product just in the few days it’s been out. 

What’s the best hair style a girl could rock in between seasons?

Adding a few loose waves with a curling iron can never go wrong. I love finishing off waves and curls with the Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray with just a few mists to give it a more natural, not-too-perfect look. This is a good look year round, even when your in transition from one style to the next. 

Do you predict any major hair trends for this upcoming spring?

Bouncy, fresh blowouts! PARLOR by Jeff Chastain has my favorite blowout aid I have ever used. The Smoothing Blowout Spray will help you tame frizzies while styling but keep life and bounce. The best part of this product, in my opinion, is the animal friendly keratin we’ve created just for this product. It layers into the hair in a way that helps keep the cuticle shut even in those sticky, humid days that we will have soon! 

Are there any things women should do before they work out to improve the health of their hair?

I’m always telling women to utilize the ponytail or bun they have while working out by applying a treatment, like my Detangling Leave-In Conditioner, to their hair before exercising. Then you get the heat from your head to help suck up the moisture and you will actually leave it on a good length of time for it to work. 

Can you suggest any post-gym hairstyles that work well with slightly sweaty hair?

Using your damp ponytail, throw in a messy braid then twist it around the pony base and stick a couple pins in. You can add the Moisturizing Sea Salt Sprayfrom my new PARLOR by Jeff Chastain product line, to the braid and top of head to give it a consistent beach texture. This messy knot bun look great dressy or casual, and no one will know you skipped the blow dry after the workout.

What advice do you have for young hair stylists looking to expand their business into their own salon or even products?

Follow your gut! There’s always room for more people to find a place in the market. Your clients will respond positively to you wanting to grow your business. I am overwhelmed every day by how much my clients and coworkers want me to succeed. Also, don’t be afraid to start small. Make something your own. I started in a tiny studio in Union Square and worked my way up gradually into a big luxe space. 

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