Paris Hilton’s new skincare line is a literal genetic lifehack

If we even tried to confine Paris Hilton to some all-encompassing title, we’d literally run out of hyphens.

When the two-time Galore cover girl isn’t DJing, hosting, designing accessories, or formulating one of her now 24 (count ’em) perfumes, she’s — oh right, working on her other business ventures.

In an interview with Galore in 2016, Paris all but ran out of breath while reciting her repertoire. “I have 21 Fragrances, a handbag line, sunglasses, shoes, make up, swimwear, lingerie, clothing, children’s clothes, and clothes for animals,” she told Galore. She also just launched a collab with

And now, thanks to Pro D.N.A., we can add skin care to that extensive list.

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That’s right, Pro D.N.A., a line of luxury preventative skincare, is Paris Hilton’s latest corporate baby – and it makes perfect sense. I mean, while her genetics are damn near perfection, even she sees the value in preventative skincare. In fact, the heiress has repeatedly emphasized the importance of skincare over the years.

In an interview with Galore last year, she says the best beauty advice she’s ever gotten was “from my mom from when I was a teenager. My friends used to always lay out in the sun, and my mom would be like, ‘Don’t do that. You’re going to ruin your skin.’ I listened to her and I’m so glad I did.”

When we’d asked if she’d ever gotten Botox to help achieve her astound complexion, she merely replied, “I’m very proud that I am all natural and have never had anything done. I am very happy with myself. But I don’t judge others. People should do whatever makes them feel happy. It’s just not something I’ve ever wanted to do.”

Of course, Paris has in fact dipped her perfectly pedicured toes in the cosmetic waters already: she launched her makeup line, Paris Hilton Cosmetics, in 2015.

But consider this skincare line a more elaborate sneak peak into the heiress’s elaborate beauty regimen. It’s been said that Paris spends upwards of two hours on skincare each day, and not for nothing.

Not only does Pro D.N.A. aim to actively better one’s skin, it also aims to minimize future damage.

Though the heiress may not share this sentiment with regard to her wardrobe or manner, Paris gets that when it comes to skincare, less is more. The line is rather refined, featuring just four essential products: a dual acting cleansing gel (featuring but not limited to Caviar Lime), eye cream that lifts and firms the skin, facial cream, and a recovery serum. That’s right, four products that pack a lot of punch.

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With the launch of this new skincare line and many of Paris’ other projects still booming, there’s literally zero sign of her slowing down anytime soon.

When asked if she’ll ever retire, she told Galore, “I don’t think so. I feel so blessed and lucky that I get to do so many things that I love and am passionate about. Success is something that fulfills me in life and I want to continue expanding and growing my brand for many years to come.”

We can’t wait to see what this queen pursues next: in the meantime, the new line of products is available for sale here. Your Summer skin will thank you.

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