Feast Your Eyes on Couture Week’s 15 Most Glamorous Looks So Far

Men’s Fashion Week is slowly wrapping up, which marks the beginning of an exciting week of couture shows in Paris, where #freethenipple is apparently the new motto.

There were Great Gatsby vibes at Alberta Ferreti, and at Atelier Versace, our favorite bombshells Gigi Hadid, Joan Smalls and Rose Huntington-Whitely walked the runway in Grammy-worthy gowns. This is the first couture season at Dior since our beloved Raf Simons left, but new studio directors Lucie Meier and Serge Ruffieux have yet to disappoint.

Here are 15 of the fiercest looks from the first couture shows, although there will be plenty more to come.

1.Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition

Because who doesn’t want to be dripping in glitter and fringe?


2. Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition

I’m always down for a dress that allows you to be totally glamorous, but basically naked.


3. Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition

Party dress goals, a-la Great Gasby edition.


4. Schiaparelli 

If this look doesn’t scream “Clueless in Space”, I don’t know what does. Also, patent white boots are a must.


5. Schiaparelli 

If cherry nipple-covers and crimped hair are the new beauty trends of 2016, I’m really not mad about it.


6. Schiarapelli 

Or no hair? Low-maintenance glamour, here I come!


7. Dice Kayek

Her platinum hair with the 90s root is taking renaissance-chic to a whole new level.


8. Dior

Let’s all start leaving everything unbuttoned all the time.


9. Dior 

Alright, new rule: Skirt, jacket, no shirt. One less clothing item to worry about, right?


10. Dior

Coats that cover your shoulders are passé. More fashion, less function.


11. Dior

In this dress, you will never have to wait in line to get into a bar ever again.


12. Atelier Versace

Leave it to Donatella to bring a whole new definition to the term “side boob.”


13. Atelier Versace 

Is it just me, or is this already Taylor Swift’s Grammy dress?


14. Atelier Versace 

And this is Slutty T-Swift’s Grammy dress! This would really be a game changer if Taylor decided to actually free the nipple.


15. Atelier Versace

Gigi Hadid just brought back the power suit, and it has never looked so good. Or S&M inspired.


All photos courtesy of Vogue.com.

Feature image courtesy of Versace.

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