Here’s how Panorama does street style and girl power

If someone were to ask Panorama where it sees itself in five years it would probably say, “the east coast Coachella.” In addition to all the things any festival should have (I’m looking at you Fyre Festival) – good food, killer line up, Panorama is also a prime spot for people watching.

With Girl Cult right around the corner, we asked 10 girls at Panorama to talk to us about what girl power means to them and give us some insight into their personal style – check it out below with pics!


I would say my style is sophisticated rave.

Girl power is what you make of it. I think as long as you feel entitled and no one tells you can’t be who you want to be, that’s what it is to be empowered.

Gia Seo

My personal style is nonexistent because I can not coin how I dress on a day to day basis. It depends on my mood and most definitely the weather.

I think that women are definitely powerful in their own right. I think “girl” is a little underestimating… every girl is a woman. And I think that women will one day rule the world and they already are because 51% of women actually own the best paid jobs.

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Angela Koh

My personal style is whatever is comfortable. I’m also very athletic so I guess sporty and comfortable.

Girl Power to me is women walking into a meeting room and be able not to think of the men to women ratio in her work environment. Overall, not having gender be a factor in how she conducts business.

Bianca Christensen

My style is best described as a witchy mermaid.

Girl power is simply togetherness.

Halcyon Powe 

My personal style is comfort but a little fashion forward. I found that if my outfit looks good then I feel good about myself.

Girl power is lifting each other up and looking out for other women… and yay feminism.

Zuri Marley

My personal style is whatever I feel like wearing on that given moment on that given day. I take inspiration from everywhere.

Girl power is standing up for yourself and your rights and supporting other women. Because there’s so many stans out here for guys but like women don’t have the same group so I think it’s important for all of us to focus on that.

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Apple Drysdale

My personal style has to reflect all the people I love around me. They dress me like a Barbie and I love it. Also, I put on a lot of thrift things. I can’t afford really expensive things now so if you think I look good right now… you just wait.

I was raised without a dad so I don’t trust men but I’ve also met really beautiful men. When I think about girl power, I think you have to trust yourself. And also women, women are beautiful deep down inside but we are a little corrupted and jaded from abuse, manipulation and irony. But every girl should wake up and see how fucking big we can become together.


I wear whatever I feel for the day.

Girl power means owning whatever the hell you are, it doesn’t matter what you are. If you are a housewife or a badass businesswoman, be awesome, just fucking do it.


My style is I don’t care, let me just throw some stuff on and feel comfortable.

Girl power to me is being comfortable in who you are, being unapologetic, having fun and not caring what anybody thinks, and being yourself.

Heather Dunphy

I would describe my style as sporty, fab, glitter.

Girl power is everyone supporting each other and not attacking each other. Loving each other for who we are and respecting each others message, even if its not the message that you are trying to relay.

Photos by Diahann Williams

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