Pamela Anderson Bakes A Cake Like Only A Sex Symbol Can

When I think of Pamela Anderson, I think about the 90s.  Or to be more specific, I think about big boobs, sex tapes and Kid Rock.  When I was younger, Pamela Anderson represented a life that I would never lead.  I would never be the voluptuous blonde with famous boyfriends who got married and engaged about as often as I posed for Playboy.    My name would never be synonymous with sex.  I would never be a top Google search on anybody’s computer. 

Fast forward 20 something years, and I don’t think about Pamela Anderson at all.  Or at least I didn’t until this morning, when visions of this black lingerie-clad bombshell bringing a sleazy, baking-related B-movie to life filled my computer screen.


If you’re not starting off your morning with LOVE Magazine’s Advent Calendar, you’re making a mistake.  Every morning the British magazine releases a new short video of a celebrity doing something silly, sexy, or some combination of the two.  So far this month we’ve seen Kendall Jenner get her sexy shark on and had the privilege of watching Gigi Hadid do a slow motion strut in her underwear.  However, today’s video featuring Pamela Anderson takes the cake.  Literally. 

The 48-years-young sex symbol celebrates the third day of Christmas by stripping down  to a vintage satin lingerie set, slapping a beehive wig on her head, and mixing up a cake that later emerges from the oven fully iced. 

She pouts, she smolders, she sticks a cigarette into a cake, she dips her bra in icing and she dances with sexy miniatures of herself beofre the clock hits the 2 minute mark.  Pamela Anderson may be known as one of the OG 90s bombshells, but this video is pure 60s camp. 


Most importantly, with this video Pamela Anderson proves that you’re never too old to have fun with your sexuality.  I may never be the blonde bombshell posing for Playboy, but I can be the raven-haired oddball who gets messy in the kitchen….or at least I can be that girl who’s so high that she thinks she sees Mini Me’s dancing on top of a cake in matching lingerie.  

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