Pam Anderson Explains Why Nude Pics Don’t Make You a Bad Feminist

Women are constantly shamed for their choices, whether we’re having more than eight drinks a week or engaging in harmless sluttery.

And women who are in the limelight thanks to their sexuality face even more scrutiny — the same people who jerk it to photos of women like Kim Kardashian and Pam Anderson will also judge them for posing semi-clothed or nude in the first place.

So it’s gratifying to hear Pamela Anderson explain in succinct terms why she’s not bothered by being considered a sex symbol. The Cut interviewed her about her new movie, “Connected,” and the interviewer asked Pam if she thinks she’s a feminist icon. While she stopped short of saying she is (and for the record: she totally is), she offered some great insight into why making a living from your sexuality is an empowered choice.

Here’s what she had to say:

“I really believe the way that I came into this Hollywood world, through Playboy, and all the objectification that came with it, I made those choices. I felt the power to be able to use my sensuality and my sexuality. I was very safe. I knew where to draw the line. I feel that I embrace all my feminine qualities and I enjoy them. I think that women are equal to men. We all have our own strengths and roles. And to be honest, I’d rather be a woman than a man!”

So there you have it. Next time someone tries to talk shit about porn stars or shame you for sexting, remember: using your own body to titillate is not a sin.

Photo via Reuters

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