Why Australian Men Are Painting Their Nails For Bruce Jenner

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that last Friday, the moment we’ve long been expecting happened: Bruce Jenner, America’s most famous Dad, came out as a woman.  While haters are always gonna hate, overall Jenner’s announcement has been met with a sea of enthusiastic support.  While most of said support comes in the standard word form, in the land down under, they have a slightly different way of showing their solidarity: nail polish.


Referencing Jenner’s desire to be comfortable enough with his feminine identity to “have my nail polish on long enough that it actually chips off,” local Sydney radio station KIIS 1065 has launched a social media campaign called #PaintYourNailsForBruce, which urges men to show their support for Jenner by, you guessed it, painting their nails.




Here’s to the day that it’s you rocking a nail polish selfie, Bruce.  Remember, if you need any help, your daughter Kimberly is more than happy to help – if she’s not too selfish that is.

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