What An Esthetician Really Thinks About Madonna’s Oxygen Facials

From Kim Kardashian to Madonna, stars everywhere have been holding on to (maybe) the best-kept secret in skin care—The Oxygen Facial. It’s been said Madonna has her personal esthetician travel with her and give her the oxygen treatment back stage before she performs. Talk about #squadgoals.

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of receiving an oxygen treatment specialized to my skin’s needs by the miracle worker Meetra of Samitra Salon in San Francisco. I (a writer with my esthetician license) struggle with embarrassing and stubborn adult acne and scars, so I went into the treatment with an open mind as to what to expect. From the second I was let in at the front door (it’s THAT exclusive) to the moment I was taking selfies with my esthetician Meetra, I felt so at ease and comfortable in the chic two-story salon.

A little background of Samitra Salon in SOMA district of San Francisco—It is owned and operated by two sisters, Samera and Meetra. Samera does the hairstyling portion and Meetra runs the esthetics. The business clientele is based solely on referrals. Some might question HOW successful a business in San Francisco can stay open just by word of mouth but MY GOD, after my facial I wanted to tell the world about how incredible my experience was. And now I am!

After filling out a quick yet thorough questionnaire about my skin, Meetra sat down with me to further discuss the condition my skin was in and what treatment best suited me. She asked what my ultimate goal was and what I wanted to accomplish. She then took me into her cozy esthetician studio and further examined my skin under better lighting. She explained the treatment she would do on me and off we went. Meetra began with a basic cleanse, and then applied an enzyme mask to exfoliate my skin. She did some MUCH needed and painless extractions then out came the Holy Grail we call the oxygen machine.


What the oxygen machine does is expel pure oxygen into your pores and further penetrates any and all products applied to your skin. It feels like someone is blowing cold air onto your skin in the nicest way possible. Oxygen alone is amazing and purifying for one’s skin (especially smokers), and once applied with the addition of any product, the results are amplified. The appearance of your pores is smaller, skin is smoother and less red, and you’re reversing any damage done by toxins from the harsh outside world. The biggest plus side about this treatment is that there’s zero side affects and no down time afterwards. No stinging, burning or irritation and more importantly no redness or waiting to apply makeup afterwards.

The treatment could be done alone, or as an addition to any facial. I was at the salon for two hours, but the oxygen treatment portion of the facial was only about 15-20 minutes total. Since there’s no down time after the oxygen treatment, you could essentially receive the treatment every day and have baby soft skin like North West. Does it get any better than that?!

It’s now been five days since I received my treatment and my skin is still looking fresher than ever. The redness my face had when I went into the treatment continues to lessen and every morning my skin looks clearer and clearer. I’m not afraid to leave the house without makeup, which is very rare for me. BUT my makeup goes on more smoothly and my skin looks more vibrant and #flawless. I really cannot wait until I go back to see my new BFF Meetra.

For those struggling with acne, or just looking for a skin pick-me-up, I 100% recommend booking an oxygen treatment with your personal esthetician if you aren’t lucky enough to have Meetra.

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