Our Next Adidas Originals Designer Is…. Big Sean?!


Our big daddy Sean is following in Kanye’s footsteps as the next rapper to head up an Adidas collection. Well, according to Sean’s interview with the Coveteur, Ye actually followed in his footsteps, cuz Sean first designed some sneaks with the soccer brand turned fashion staple back in 2014. Hang on though…. was that Big Sean with the most viewed show of fashion week? Nope, didn’t think so. So this collection is Big Sean’s chance to redeem himself, prove his sartorial know-how, and possibly even design some Ariana Grande specific pieces so we can all start dressing like the sugary pop princess. From what we’ve seen, Big Sean has pretty standard “famous dude” style: kicks, designer jeans, hoodies and flat brim caps, but maybe he has some secret style-centric gift he’s just waiting to unleash! Our hopes for the collection include ultra-soft hoodies, black sneakers that DON’T make us look like we’re wearing truck tires on our feet, possibly even some Adidas slides with added chic. What are you hoping for?

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