Our Favorite 2000s Trends That Should Probably Never Die

There is no such thing as a brand new trend. Almost everything within the pages of Vogue has popped up at least once before in the annals of popularity. And if you live long enough to see some of your favorite bands clothes, or cosmetics become relevant again then you are likely to be rewarded with the knowledge that you were part of the first wave of its popularity. That’s why when Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco headlined at the Pandora Music Festival this year, it was relatively unsurprising to see that fans old and new had converged in such quantities to see the once favorite band become cool again. But these two examples of retro alternative rock aren’t the only early 2000s favorites to be making the rounds again. Here are some of our favorite trends that we are happy to see back in pop culture once again.

1.Alternative Rock: No Emo band will ever live up to the heart wrenching poetry that effected an entire generation some 15 years ago so it isn’t all that surprising that Fall Out Boy is still making music with their latest album American Beauty/ American Psycho scoring the People’s Choice nomination for favorite album. It is true what they say, Emo never dies.

2. Grunge: Chokers, flannels and lumbersexuals, oh my! An entire generation of youth decided to rebel against their stodgy superiors at several points in time, starting with 70’s counter culture and moving into the 90’s youth empowerment trend. Now it is making a very obvious comeback and some of us are lucky enough to witness its resurrection.

3. Geekdom: With the new Star Wars Franchise coming out this year as well as the new found popularity of comic book movies and television the term of “Comic Book/ Fantasy Geek” is becoming less scathing and more complimentary with each new installment. Time to book your Comic Con tickets kids!

4. Dynasties: From Scream Queens’ breakout star Billie Lourd (daughter to Star Wars alum Carrie Fisher)  to the Lolita-ish beauty of Lottie Moss (Kate’s younger sister FTW!) some family names carry their power into the next generation and we are curious to see if the younger generation can live up to their older counter parts in terms of beauty and talent (some of them have already begun proving their prowess).

5. Activism: 90’s kids are in the unique position of having grown up around technical and social progress. With the advent of the internet, being educated on political and social change has never been easier nor has it been easier to continue spreading information about the causes that interest you. We grew up watching the economy crash and then begin to be rebuilt as well being present to the mistakes of previous political elections. In fact, it is possible that this is one “trend” that never died at all but rather continued to be built up in tangent with this generation. Stay woke kids!

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