Our 17 Favorite People That Kylie Jenner Follows On Instagram

Instagram is kind of like its very own 15 minutes of fame. Your crush likes your photo, and you’re hyped. A brand that you’re wearing likes your photo, you’re extra hyped. But, imagine if Kylie Jenner, possibly the Instagram queen herself, liked your photo– or even followed you?

Unfortunately, that probably isn’t happening for you (or any of us) considering all 183 of the select few she follows on her public Instagram are A-list celebs. But, one can dream…right?



Unlike Kylie Jenner, Violent Benson, AKA Daddy Issues, seems to actually understand your problems. Whether it’s our struggles with online dating apps like Tinder, stalking your ex, or drinking too much, Violet always seems to understand. If you don’t see her posts and immediately want to tag your BFF, are you even living life?

2. @PrincessPiaMia


I think we all wish we could look as sexy as Pia Mia when we’re busting out the lyrics to our favorite Lil Wayne song. Unfortunately, we usually end up just looking extremely awkward and white. Regardless, her latest songs “Do It Again” and “Touch” have us belting out with our bottle of wine every Friday night.

3. @JustineSky

Versus and Co

When she’s not killing it DJing at one of our Galore parties, she’s busy rocking the best purple hair we’ve ever seen. Not to mention that her Instagram features a killer clip of her singing her rendition of “What Do You Mean” mixed with Drake.

4. @HaileeSteinfeld

Don’t we all wish we were genius enough to write a feel-good song about masturbating? If “Love Myself” doesn’t make you want to dance around your room with a hairbrush, it should at least make you want to stop texting your ex.

5. @Fergie

Entertainment Weekly

Can you name one of Fergie’s songs that isn’t a hit? With those lady lumps and that killer voice, Fergie has and always will be Princess Ferg. Her Instagram features photos with our other favorite stars like Nicki Minaj, plus pictures of her adorable son Axl.

6. @TinasheNow

Think Pynk

Heat your Instagram feed up with Tinashe’s sexy Dazed Magazine cover shoot and her kickass dance clips.

7. @GigiGorgeous

Super Fame

If you haven’t been seeing enough of Gigi in Kylie Jenner’s app, you can spot more sexy pics, cute puppies, and killer outfit inspo on her Instagram.

8. @Jlo

Latin Times

If you need inspiration to get your ass to the gym everyday, just try seeing J.Lo’s killer body on your feed and remembering that she’s 45 years old and still hotter than you.

9. @SofiaRichie

If you didn’t get enough of Ms. Richie after her Galore feature, her Instagram (and new blonde locks) will have you hooked.

10. @KatyPerry

Nexus Radio

From Hilary Clinton nail art to babies in pepperoni onesies, Katy Perry’s Instagram is much more than just selfies. And from the princess of pop herself, are you really surprised?

11. @RosieHW


Just in case you needed some more body envy, make-up envy, and clothes envy; you can always follow this (ex?) Victoria’s Secret Angel.

12. @ChrissyTeigen


Our favorite thing about this hottie’s Instagram? That it mostly consists of food. From Zucchini Lasagna, to cookie butter cheesecake, to pictures of Chrissy and her boo John Legend, you’ll be drooling as you hit “like.”

13. @BellaHadid

Hawt Celebs

Are Bella Hadid and The Weeknd still dating? We don’t really care, but if they’re not, he’s clearly missing out on this babe!

14. @ChampagnePapi

Rolling Stone

Drake. That is all.

15. @GigiHadid

Her Campus

From Galore cover to world domination, we’ve loved watching this bombshell take over the globe. Keep up with her killer outfits, magazine spreads, and inspiration via Insta.

16. @Olivier_Rousteing

Huffington Post

Every guy needs to be jealous of Olivier. He’s constantly posting pictures with the best arm candy including Jourdan Dunn, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Kate Hudson. Girls, you’re probably jealous of him too because you wish you had access to all that Balmain.

17. @ItsJeremyScott

Like Olivier, Jeremy Scott is constantly posing with the hottest A-list chicks including Miley, Katy Perry, and Amber Rose. I mean seriously, with that company and being able to design barbies, I think we all wish we had Scott’s job.

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