10 Hot Oscar Dresses We Would Still Rock

The only reason to care about the Oscars is the red carpet, duh. The last few years of dresses have been pretty boring, with the exception of one of our faves Lupita Nyong’o, so maybe it’s time for some sexy vintage throwbacks. We went through the vaults for inspiration and found the hottest retro dresses, from a fresh-faced Cindy Crawford in saucy red to a chic Chloë Sevigny. Here’s to the OG It girls who paved the Oscars red carpet with fashion ahead of their time.

Cindy Crawford (1991)
Blowing bitches out of the water since the late ’80s. Bow down.
Oscars - #FBF - Retro - Hot - Galore - Cindy Crawford

Madonna (1991)
Our favorite Material Girl look. Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend…but we’re not sure about MJ.

Oscars - #FBF - Retro - Hot - Galore - Madonna

Elizabeth Hurley (1995)
Bangable and classy with the ultimate arm candy: a bad boy.

Oscars - #FBF - Retro - Hot - Galore - Elizabeth Hurley

Courtney Love (1997)
Hey, the girl can clean up.

Oscars - #FBF - Retro - Hot - Galore - Courtney Love

Cher (1998)
Because, why the hell not? Bad gal Ri Ri would totally rock this dress today.

Oscars - #FBF - Retro - Hot - Galore - Cher

Cate Blanchett (1999)
Flawless since the ’90s…hot damn.

Oscars - #FBF - Retro - Hot - Galore - Cate Blanchett

Chloë Sevigny (2000)
One of our all-time favorite it girls in Yves Saint Laurent.

Oscars - #FBF - Retro - Hot - Galore - Chloë Sevigny

Charlize Theron (2000)
Never thought we would want to wear orange so badly…

Oscars - #FBF - Retro - Hot - Galore - Charlize Theron

Angelina Jolie (2004)
Always flawless, but no one can pull off white like Angelina.

Oscars - #FBF - Retro - Hot - Galore - Angelina Jolie

Beyoncé (2005)
All hail Queen B!

Oscars - #FBF - Retro - Hot - Galore - Beyonce

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