A Guide to This Year’s Hottest Male Oscar Nominees

While as far as we know the Academy doesn’t take hotness into consideration when deciding which actors it should nominate, 2015 was a very good year for hot men.

Of course, every year is a good year for hot men, especially in Hollywood. But it seems like this Oscar season, despite at least one unforgivable snub from the Academy (which we’ll get to), the hotness is on overload.

Let’s take a look at the hottest nominees.

Tom Hardy


Nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Revenant

If you like your men British, muscular, and tattooed, chances are you’re a big Tom Hardy fan. Literally, this guy is so hot that he makes cars explode into flames just by walking past them. Tom had a banner year in 2015, and receiving his first Oscar nomination for his role opposite fellow hot man Leonardo DiCaprio is the best start to 2016 that he could ask for.

Leonardo DiCaprio


Nominated for Best Actor for his role in The Revenant

The man, the myth, the Leo has just received his fifth Oscar nomination, and everybody’s predicting that 2016 is going to be the year he walks away with the big prize. Honestly, since Leo’s been hot since 90s, we can’t even think of any hot guy more deserving of an Oscar than him.  

Michael Fassbender


Nominated for Best Actor for his role in “Steve Jobs”

Even though Michael Fassbender had to seriously mask his hotness in order to convincingly pull Steve Jobs off, we know what’s hiding beneath the rimless glasses and black turtlenecks, Dad jeans combo: six pack abs and a big you know what.  

Christian Bale


Nominated for Best Actor for his role in The Big Short 

Okay, so admittedly Christian Bale isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but if you’ve seen American Pyscho or Batman, then you know this Brit can look hot when it counts. Unfortunately for Bale, he’s up against some stiff hot guy competition, but don’t worry, win or lose Bale still gets to go home to the Oscar he won in 2011 for The Fighter. 

Honorable Mention: Michael B. Jordan

Should have been nominated for Best Actor for his role in Creed

For the millionth year in a row, the Oscar nominees are overwhelmingly caucasian. This is messed up for many, many reasons — one of which is that Michael B. Jordan, arguably the hottest man to grace the silver screen this year, is being deprived of his chance for a statuette. Shame on you, Academy, and better luck next year, Michael.

May the best hottie win.

All photos via Getty Images.



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