How to Make $12 Million Just By Tweeting About Gluten

Tweeting about gluten: it’s a pretty basic move, but we all do it.

Today, though, one mega-famous celebrity tweeted about the most controversial grain there is and made $12 million doing it.

And who might that celeb be? The one…


The only…

Oprah Winfrey!

That’s right. TV’s erstwhile queen of daytime sent out one tiny tweet and netted $12 million in the aftermath.

The tweet has a video, in which Opes talks about how, using Weight Watchers, she’s eaten bread every single day and still lost 26 pounds. Forget everything you thought you knew about gluten, bb’s!!!


So unlike Gisele and Tom Brady, Oprah is one celeb who DOESN’T think all gluten-based products are baked directly in the fires of hell. Now we have no idea which way is up. What’s next, no more juice cleanses? (Actually, yeah, juice cleanses are certifiable garb.)

Anyway, back to what we all really want to know: how in Lucifer’s name did Oprah make $12 million off this tweet? Allow Page Six to explain:

The mogul wasn’t paid $12 million for the tweet, but within an hour of its posting the company’s stock had risen an astronomical 16%, according to the website. And since Winfrey 6.4 million shares of the company’s stock, 10% of its outstanding shares, this meant she’d turned a $12 profit on the day.

So there you have it. If you want to be rich and thin, eat lots of gluten and buy huge stakes in multinational corporations. And then tweet. Easy!

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