Ontario Legalizes Smoking Weed Anywhere, Then Reverses Decision

On Wednesday, November 25th, Ontario legalized the smoking of marijuana pretty much anywhere. Consumption of weed via joint or vaporizer was allowed anywhere where smoking usually is banned; including, but not limited to movie theaters, restaurants, parks, and other public spaces. However, by Thursday, November 26th, the Ontario Government changed its mind basically saying, Ooops I think we just decided to let people get high wherever and whenever the hell they want to, including on the floor of the legislature; eh better not. Associate Health Minister Dipika Damerela spoke to the press about the one day reversal, “We will consider this feedback, look at it very carefully and see what we need to do…It’s too early to say whether this was a failure or not.” The move to reverse the pot-friendly policy stemmed from concerns about second hand smoke exposure. Not sure how or why this wasn’t considered before, perhaps the Ontario government was experimenting with medical marijuana themselves. Just kidding ;).

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