Only Kim Kardashian Could Make Latex Pregnancy Appropriate

When it comes to maternity wear, Kim Kardashian doesn’t give a f-ck.  Although almost everybody agrees that pregnant women can be beautiful, there’s not many people who would go so far as to call a pregnant woman sexy.  While Kim may have kept things relatively tame during her first pregnancy, now that she’s been there done that, she’s focusing her attention on redefining the way people see pregnant women.  How will she do this, you might ask?  Well, it’s really very simple.  She’s just dressing how she always would.  The pin-up has NOT left the building.

This Saturday night, Kim, now 5 months pregnant, and her sister Kourtney took a trip to the dark side, clothing themselves in crystal-encrustred bras, latex dresses, and topping it all off with matching bangs right out of a Bettie Page photograph.  Chill sister Saturday indeed.


If the dress looks familiar to you, it’s because it’s the same Atsuko Kudo dress that Kim wore earlier this summer to promote an energy drink she’s endorsing.  Only that dress was in pink.  Kim normally only wears pink latex, but you know, she’ll make an exception to help a sister out.

Even though latex may be clingy, it draws attention to what’s always been Kim’s strong suit: her curves.  While this may be a fad in maternity wear that never manages to trickle down to the common woman, at least Kim is making her point.  Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you suddenly stop being sexy.

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