Why Only Kim Kardashian Would Be Able To Shut Down Makeup-Shaming Haters

There are countless benefits to not wearing makeup on any given day. It gives your skin time to breathe, heal and get a nice natural glow. Kim Kardashian’s recent feature on the cover of Spanish Vogue added to the ongoing talk regarding the au naturel look. “We did this whole shoot with no make up!” Kim exclaimed on an Instagram picture she posted of the Spanish Vogue cover photo. Looking through the thousands of comments that Kim K’s picture has attracted brings about a multitude of emotions for her fans. Some people are supportive, saying things like, “Love you, Kim, with or without makeup!”, while others are shockingly hurtful like this user’s comment, “Its disgraceful how hard you try for attention.”


Nikkie, a professional hair and makeup artist as well as a famous YouTube vlogger, posted a video titled, “The Power of Makeup” about 2 months ago. The video gained an enormous amount of traction when it hit the internet, which lead to a lot of feedback. With over 19 million views, this vlog is a must-see for both women and men. Nikkie says in her description of the video “I feel like makeup shaming has become a thing,” Makeup shaming, which refers to the shaming of women (or men for that matter) who wear makeup in order to look more attractive has a lot of women up in arms. Nikkie’s video sparked a makeup shaming revolt! Search #thepowerofmakeup on Instagram and over 21,000 hits will come up. Thousands of women and some men posted pictures of themselves with and without makeup. Instagram user Mollyrozee wrote in the caption of her half made-up face and half not, “When I wear make-up it’s for me. Not for my friends, boyfriend, strangers or anyone I might see that day”.

In a recent study done by researchers at Bangor University and Aberdeen University it was found that “People’s perceptions of what men and women find attractive are off”. Researchers came to the conclusion that both men and women prefer women to wear less makeup as opposed to more. While Kim Kardashian probably isn’t reading up on the latest makeup research, her sans makeup cover still has caused quite a stir. In a recent article featured in People Magazine, Kim K. said, “When I was 14 my dad took me to a make up class with a professional make up artist & I fell in love with glam ever since!” Kim K. is obviously comfortable with both wearing makeup (a lot of it) and not wearing any! As YouTube vlogger Nikkie says, “There are no rules to makeup. [It’s] there for days when you just wanna look hella good.”

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