You Can Buy Katy Perry’s Viral Shark Superbowl Costume

Yes, onesie. Spring is coming and we can put away our winter onesies and finally sleep in the nude again. Well, we can, but we won’t, because there’s now a shark onesie inspired by Katy Perry‘s viral left shark Superbowl dance. Perfect for basically any occasion, the onesie verifies you as a Katy Perry lover and shark fan at the same time. What else would you wear on a date to SeaWorld? What about on a fishing trip? And it’s so adorably nautical themed, we wouldn’t be surprised if shark onesies became the new stripes. Snatch yours up ASAP for a cool $130– or, if you’re not too keen to dress as a shark on the reg, you can also show love with a sharky tee shirt!galore_mag_katy_perry_tweet

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