Want “On Fleek” Eyebrows? Abbie Powell shows you how its done!


“On Fleek”. We still don’t really know what it means, and what it has to do with eyebrows, but if anybody can tell you how to get them, its goth makeup goddess of our dreams, Abbie Powell.  Maybe not every girl could rock cropped bangs, but one would do well to learn from Abbie’s makeup game. It’s constantly on point. Impossibly clear skin and no cakey foundation? Check. Minimal lipstick? Check. And if we’ve learned anything at all from Cara Delevigne, it’s that brows are the nipples of the face. Or did I get that phrase wrong…? Anyway, use your brows as a weapon of entrancement with Abbie’s favorite product for incredible brows, and learn a thing or two from her daily makeup regime:

“Before I apply any makeup I like to wash my face with an exfoliator by Clean and Clear and moisturize my face, I find my makeup sits better if I moisturize beforehand. After washing, the first thing I do is apply a concealer by MUA underneath my eyes, around my nose and on my chin to cover any dark circles and breakouts. I have a cute set of mini makeup brushes by Ecotools and use the concealer blending brush to blend. After this I apply the True Match liquid foundation by Rimmel London all over my face with a foundation brush and make sure I blend into my neck and then I powder my whole face. I’m pretty lazy with my makeup so I don’t bother contouring my face.”

“Next I do my eyebrows, I just bought a gel brow kit by Sleek in shade ‘Extra Dark’ and it’s the best think I’ve ever used! If I’m only going out for the day or just to college I like to shade my lash line underneath my eye with a dark brown shadow, I find it gives my eyes a bit of definition without looking too dramatic. I then apply a small amount of ‘Extra 3D Lashes’ mascara by Rimmel London. Lastly I do my lips. I love the look of full lips and mine naturally are kinda crappy, so I like to use Rimmel London’s 1000 Kisses Liner in shade ‘Tiramisu.’ To achieve the fullest possible lips I draw around my bottom lip with a bit of an emphasis on the fullest part, I then draw around my top lip and draw over the bow on my lip as I find it makes my lips look much fuller. I then either fill my lips in with the same liner or a different lipstick. I just bought a gorgeous plummy matte lipstick by Sleek.”

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