OMGalore: Male Models Are Poor (Okay, Not Really)!

Male models are alway getting the short end of stick. Everyone automatically thinks your gay (which BTW is almost never true), you get objectified by pervy photogs (you know who you are), and make about 148% less than your female counterpart (OUCH!). While the top male models are still making big bucks, girls like Gisele (who was named the highest paid model for the seventh year in a row, making $42 Million dollars last year) are smashing them when it comes to making SERIOUS coin. Check out the top 5 earning male models of 2013 below!

5. Noah Mills: $740,000
4. Arthur Kulkov: $905K
3. Simon Nessman: $1.1M
2. David Gandy: $1.4M
1. Sean O’Pry: $1.5M

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