OMGalore: Our Top 7 Things You Missed At Our Fashion Week Party

If you weren’t at our new issue/shop launch party last week (first of all, RUDE!), we’ve got you covered! Check out our fav moments from the party that actually happened and we’re definitely not some alcohol induced hallucination (although I’m pretty sure some of it was)!

7. DJ Alexandra Richards getting her makeup did in the VIP! 
Cause we’re chic and that’s how we roll

6. Willy Cartier rocking this Jesus pose (all night)
Ugh, whatever, he’s so hot.

5. Hotties Amber Rose and Omahyra Mota just being hot
Because they just are and we love them for it

4. Sophia Lamar posing with some Neuro water
Because it’s delish..DUH!

3. Theophilus London rocking this black on black on black outfit and MAYBE being a bit stoned
He was totally stoned

2. Our Überliss hair station where girls got their tresses twerked
..and got some MAJOR free swag..Thanks Überliss!

1. Tali Lennox eating (slash maybe playing with?) pizza
No, but really Tali, what are you doing???

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