OMG Did You Watch #Lindsay Last Night?

So besides the news of Lindsay Lohan’s newly released hookup list which may or may not be real, last night was the second episode of her show “Lindsay” on OWN. I’ve decided to take it upon myself to follow this little mess around as she battles with sobriety and tries to get her life together. I did say last week that it is lowkey depressing watching an addict struggle on television. This episode was thankfully a little easier to watch.


As I mentioned last week, Lindsay Lohan’s move back to New York City is all part of her plan to pull herself together and get as far from LA as she can handle. At this point in the show she has spent almost 50 days staying in a hotel room and her personal assistant literally hates himself. This guy was responsible for moving ALL of Lindsay’s shit from one hotel room to the other—because Lindsay just wanted to switch rooms no biggie— and it’s definitely not a day project. He even looks at the camera and says “I might jump.” The life of Lindsay Lohan’s personal assistant though.

She’s stuck in this hotel because there’s a long list of criteria that she needs to fulfill before getting the keys to her place. And the production company, who apparently offered to help her with the apartment, took back their checks because they didn’t believe that Lindsay would follow through with the show. So let me get this straight. Lindsay Lohan trusts NO ONE, and if anyone sort of lies to her she loses her shit. Everyone else doesn’t trust Lindsay, because they think she will disappear and relapse at any moment. So basically no one trusts anyone and everyone is in hell.


Later on, Lindsay gets lunch with her father Michael Lohan, the guy who seems to be a lot of the reasons why the Lohan family turned into garbage. Regardless of their own family issues, Michael Lohan is known in the media for name dropping and putting his foot in his mouth. Lindsay comments on that at their lunch when he mentions one of Lindsay’s old party friends on camera, prompting the non-trusting Lindsay to tell her dad “You name names and it’s wrong.” This lunch, help.

Anyway, between that, the fact that she is spending the rest of eternity in a hotel room, and the news of her mom Dina’s DUI—ugh—girl is pretty pissed. The episode takes a lighter turn when Lindsay meets with a life coach to get her on track, both physically and mentally. They start working out and taking ginger wheatgrass shots together. Basically they’re besties.

I’ll admit, while Lindsay seems pretty unhinged a lot of the time, it was endearing to see her genuine happiness when she finally gets the keys to her SoHo apartment at the end of the episode. You can just feel the relief. And as she’s walking around in her living room complete with floor-to-ceiling- windows and the sun shining in, her seemingly dull and monotonous life is, if only for a moment, just a little brighter.

Rula Al-Nasrawi is a Columbia Graduate whose writing has appeared in ViceThe Atlantic, and other online publications. Her first language is valley girl. Californian bred, NYC residing. @RulaOfTheWorld

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