Celebs Can’t Be Designers, Unless They’re An Olsen Twin

If you were mad that Netflix’s Fuller House is going to go on the air without Michelle, don’t worry. It’s probably because Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are too busy killing it in the fashion world. At the Council of Fashion Designers of America ceremony this week, our favorite 90’s detective duo received the 2015 Womenswear Designer of the Year Award. We all remember those denim mini skirts they released for Walmart with the slogan “Real fashion for real girls” in 2004, but their couture fashion label The Row is obviously a real hit over a decade later.


Mary Kate and Ashley successfully moved from their straight-to-video acting careers to becoming respected icons in the fashion industry, but not all celebrities have transitioned so well. In 2005, Kanye West announced his first clothing line, which was in development for four years until it was ultimately cancelled in 2009. Earlier this year, he spoke to TIME about his second venture into the fashion world. In reference to his 2011 premiere at Paris Fashion Week, he said that the line was met with negative reviews. He recalled saying to his publicist, “Remember this moment. It won’t always be like this. Embrace this moment when no one came to see the collection.”


Critics changed their minds in 2012 when Kanye released his sophomore line, but this hasn’t been the case for most celebs hoping for a seamless career shift. His work has since become even more respected in the industry. When style icon Gwen Stefani released her harajuku-inspired L.A.M.B. line, a critic at the New York Times said that she should “concentrate on her vocal skills.” Similarly, even Beyoncé’s line House of Dereon launched in 2004 was a bust. TIME magazine said, “Inspired by Beyoncé’s grandmother and designed by her mother, the whole venture is a family affair—right down to its customers…It’s hard to name a House of Dereon fan who isn’t part of the Knowles family herself.”

Kanye and Bey are some of the most successful and well-known artists in the world, so we’re wondering why some celebs struggle to get the same respect and praise when they decide to follow a new passion. The Olsen twins have reinvented themselves right before our eyes many times, from winning our hearts with “You got it, dude!” to winning the most shelf space in our childhood VHS collections and finally, winning this esteemed award from the CFDA. We hope our other favorite celebrities planning to branch out will follow in the twins’ footsteps and take Kanye’s advice to stick it out through the negativity. If they can find a real passion and encourage their fans to follow it with them, all they have to do is remind themselves that maybe it won’t always be like this.

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