Olivia Culpo is the face of TIMEX’s brand new 2018 women’s collection

On Tuesday night, Galore was invited to celebrate the release of TIMEX’s new 2018 Women’s Collection.

The event was hosted by model, actress, influencer, and former Galore covergirl, Olivia Culpo, at The NoMad Hotel Rooftop in NYC – aka one of the best views in the city. 

As the new face of the brand, Olivia took center stage to speak about her involvement with the collection, while a four-course meal was served to an array on influential guests. Afterwards, we sat down with the beauty queen herself to discuss her take on the new collection, spring trends, and what she’ll be wearing this season.

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What drew you into working with TIMEX on this collection?

Well, I love fashion, obviously that’s very important to me! TIMEX is the most iconic watch brand that’s out there and the Crystal Bloom collection is really special because it’s a collection specifically geared towards the spring.

Also, I am totally a girly girl and the collection itself definitely represents girly girl vibes! Everything is pastels or white, which is also my favorite color, and it’s the perfect accessory to dress up any spring look. So it was a very organic partnership.

Awesome! So like you said, the collection is very springy, what type of things are you pairing the collection with this season?

Well, I personally have been wearing white a lot, because I just I love white, so I’ll wear this watch with a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, and a pair of pumps. Just keeping it really casual, because I feel like the watch itself is pretty dressy and can dress anything up.

If you’re just even like going out for the day then you’re going to a more special occasion, it can also be the perfect pairing for an evening dress. I also feel like it’s a great gift and the price point is so affordable.

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What are some of your favorite spring accessories in general?

I feel like it’s similar to the Crystal Bloom collection. During spring, you see a lot of pastels and you see a lot of florals, and the dial on this with the Swarovski crystals is actually floral pattern. So, I feel like you’re going to see a lot of florals, a lot of pastels, a lot of white, a lot of bright colors.

I’m always a fan of white all year round, but I feel like spring is a great time to whip out your white accessories and white shoes and sundresses! There’s just something so ethereal and free about it, which is reminiscent of the springtime because everything’s blooming and it’s the most beautiful time of year in my opinion.

Your Coachella look was super cute and a bit different then some of the other things I’ve seen. Are there any unconventional trends you’ve had your eye on for the upcoming season?

That’s such a good question. For Coachella, and festival season in general, there really are no rules. I feel like the craziest trend that I explored during Coachella was that I was wearing a newspaper boy cap, but it actually had a veil over it. You couldn’t really tell in the pictures, but there was the a veil over it.

I feel like, especially with Coachella, it’s just the time to have fun. There’s really no rules, there’s no yes and there’s no no. Something else I saw a lot during Coachella was fishnets under jeans, which I feel like we saw a lot of that last year but people are bringing that back. A lot of neon hair, a lot of hair glitter! Body glitter, too, I saw a lot of that. A lot of hardware in the hair, like they looked like little rings or something like that in the hair, so that’s also really fun.

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Photos by @photosbykeridolan

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