Oliver Kurtz’s VNDA Is The Clothing Brand To Watch

Co-founder of VNDA, Oliver Kurtz, stopped to talk to us about the clothing brand and what we can look forward to!


Tell us about how VNDA got started:
VNDA was created out of necessity. My co-founders and I were living a lifestyle where there was a crucial component missing; comfortable clothing essentials to travel in. Thus the VNDA idea was born and Josh Kerr, Chippa Wilson, Ryan Bautista and myself made it a reality.

What did you set out to do?
We set out to make premium products who cater to travelers and loungers alike who want to be comfy; yet stylish.

Are you mostly a menswear brand?
Our male range is more diverse including boxers, briefs, lounge pants & shorts while our woman’s line only has one product, the VELA lounge pant, which is our highest seller worldwide. So our focus has been to develop some more women’s options.

How would you describe your clothing?
I would describe our line as comfortable classics, taylor’d with a modernized twist.

Who would you love to see wearing VNDA?
Obviously it would be great to see some of the worlds biggest celebrities sporting our line, but I cant wait until I see some random person out on the town in our line. I think that would be the best!

What are you up to this fashion week?
I haven’t put much focus on attending many #FW shows but rather looking to street style to grasp what people are wearing on the day to day. New Yorker’s have such a different take on style than to what we’re accustomed to in California so its refreshing to see.

What’s coming up next?
Our first fall collection launches next month with higher end fabrics, patterns, and some measurement changes. We’re launching Fall 14 with a completely revamped aesthetic of the company which I’m really excited about. As for everything else, we are still a very, very young brand so we’re just trying to get the word out about or amazing product and reach out to as may people as possible!


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