This Old Dude Keeps Tweeting Creepy Things At Hot Celebs

If there’s one thing my generation can probably agree on, it’s that shit gets weird fast when our parents (or worse, our grandparents) start using social media. There was one time where my mom was new to Facebook and received a friend request from a woman from her high school, and when my dad saw that she had been “looking for friends” in her profile, he automatically concluded that she was a lesbian creep.

Anyway, although my sisters and I have long since attempted to get my mom better acquainted to Facebook (my grandma is actually better than her), there are some other individuals that haven’t been so lucky.

Take Bill Heller, or @steamheap69, on Twitter. Bill doesn’t make the mistake of tweeting about his daily activities or his social security number, he devotes all 140 characters to the female celebrities that he adores:

Galore_Bill_Heller01 Galore_Bill_Heller02 Galore_Bill_Heller03


TFM recently found Bill, and due to their post Bill has started also tweeting at the cute college girls that have started following him. So is Bill a real dude? Why is his twitter handle @steamheap69? Does he ever want to take a new picture of himself?

So many unanswered questions…maybe we should tweet at him from the Galore account?

In the meantime, nice selection, Bill. We like Lindsay, Amber, and Avril too!

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